What. The. Fuck. #SSCXWC

The SingleSpeed CycloCross World California Championship is going to be in Los Angeles, NOT Santa Cruz.

I think I’ll skip this one.

See you in Philly.

Actually, if you’re with the Philly ’13 crew, hit me up at hodalacx [at] gmail [dot] com . I’ve got an idea for you.

5 Replies to “What. The. Fuck. #SSCXWC”

  1. 1. Were you this much of an asshole to Portland when they hosted it for not one, not two, but three years?

    2. Fine, don’t come. You’re kind of a dick.

    3. Thanks for letting all your crew know about it!

    4. And wait, didn’t you actually have FUN last year? Yeah, we thought so.

    1. 1. No. Portland kept the event until they thought that it could sustain itself outside of PDX, then passed it on.

      2. You don’t even know me. I’ll spend my 75 (!) dollars elsewhere.

      3. No problem!

      4. Yep. Had a ton of fun in 2011, but I’m not sure that that had much to do with the folks who were running the race.

  2. We had fun in San Fran, but it was due to what we did ourselves (It definitely had nuthin to do with a certain womens clothing designer whom appears to hate women). To clarify, it’s not the respective cities that we don’t like. Santa Cruz and LA are fine. It’s the bullshit way that the event has been over run for seemingly profit. Nothing was listed as to what the competitions were going to be to host 2012. That was SOLELY a decision by a promoter wanting to make money off the event. Then to move the event to a different city altogether? PDX and SEA had their shit together, published with registration nearly full before cross started. This shit gets dropped at the last minute. And piggy backing on a UCI race. Good thing all that time the event……..

  3. Agreed with Seattle, I am not impressed with the state below me. They are Oregon’s Mexico and Washington is our Canada.
    That aside, I also am not digging on the ‘for profit’ nature and/or feel of what happened last year. Paying for beer is not reasonable at all, that’s why the originators of this event skipped SF’s party the night before (that and we were already way too drunk to make it, then it was 2 a.m. and I was isolated on some scaffolding somewhere in the city and frightened, but that is neither here nor there).
    The feel and spirit were missing. You don’t charge a cover at a house party, and you also don’t hang a Red Bull banner at a house party, but you do write on your friends faces with a sharpie at a house party and our event is a house party. The whole point is to drain the keg or your parents liquor cabinet and then hide everyone when the cops come and then try to fix it all before your parents get back from their vacation the next morning at 10a.m.
    Additionally, permits have never been and never should be a limiting factor to this event. We held a qualifier in Forest Park – the most sacred spot in our city, in full pirate fashion, and blinked not once in doing so.
    All that said, please don’t ever ask me to pay for a pint glass again. I cannot be held accountable for my actions if that happens – and I don’t fucking care about ‘free refills.’

    Furthermore, Philly kicks ass – as does my best bro Geronimo who is part of the crew looking to take it. He’ll put the shit on, give credit to someone else for doing so, probably win the shit, buy us all a drink, and tuck us into bed. For the record, I advised them to just announce it for this year – thus usurping control from “Santa Cruz” or whatever the hell it’s turning out to be. They are gentlemen and chose not to do so – I hope they regret that choice now.

    Jesus, we have been led astray.


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