Epic packaging

I made my crappy photo "epic" just for you.

That, my friends, is the vast majority of your Relegate t-shirts being shipped out today. Sorry for the delay but we ended up having to order and print more shirts to get these to you all. Thanks again for making a little fun of Rapha with us. I’ll have a few extra shirts for sale at the SSCX party this Sunday if you missed out.

In other news – Craig took 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday at the GP in Bend last weekend. I think that it is safe to say that, were there such a thing, he would’ve won the overall SS series. Hopefully next year we can pressure the GP into keeping track of his points and there’ll be some more SS competition traveling around to the national races.

Update: There’s a big write up on Craig over at Podium Insight.

All of this signals the end of our racing season and when the real drinking season begins. Similar to racing, we still dress up in the exact same clothes and make complete asses of ourselves in public. It should be fun.

See you under the bar,

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