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Sorry to double up on the short posts today but it has come to my attention that, once again, the winners of the SSCXWC didn’t get their tattoos. Seriously, Rapha-Focus? Why’d you enter if you knew you wouldn’t get the tattoo?

Thanks again to the past winners who have taken this race “seriously.”


4 Replies to “Breaking News…”

  1. Makes a lady wanna burn her Rapha shirt in effigy. Fuck those guys, they knew what the deal was when they signed up, and they didn’t follow through on their end. No more racing SSCXWC for them until they get their ink, is what I say.

  2. What’s all the fuss about? Some Pro riders coming in, schooling a fake World Championship race and then boning out? I don’t blame them for not getting one of the gayest tattoo’s I’ve seen in years!! At least if your going to do this under the guise of under ground, rebel punk, you can at least see the humor in a couple bike “geeks” dropping in and schooling your little shin dig.

  3. I could be mixing my facts here, but all the responsibility falls onto the promoter, who did a sub par jog either converting or enforcing the rules……….or the only other thing is all you little SS dorks got but hurt someone came and rained on your parade!

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