Despite my best intentions,  printing issues, work, and overly vigorous holiday partying kept me from sorting and mailing out the arm warmers and Philly ’13 shirts last week as I’d originally planned. A few of you have emailed me asking where your items are, and I appreciate your semi-patience. We wanted for you all to be able to “rock” the Philly shirts and Wizarm warmers at the upcoming LA ‘cross race, so if you ordered before Turkey Day  I Priority Mailed the shit out of your stuff and it should be in your grubby little hands by Wednesday or Thursday. If you ordered after that then we’ll be printing another run of shirts this weekend and I’ll send them shortly after that.

This is your stuff going on a ride to work with me at 5:30 this morning.

We really appreciate all you of representing Hodala in LA this weekend, and it’d be great if you could send us some photos. Email me a big group photo and I’ll get you some stickers or something. hodalacx [at] gmail [dot] com

Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, but feel free to have too much to drink, wear too little clothes, make complete asses of yourselves and piss off the organizers.




5 Replies to “Tardiness”

  1. I’m going to: 1) worship Dorothy Wong and touch/drink/bottle some of the sweat that pours off her brow so I may one day perhaps promote 20 races per season AND race myself and whatever else she pulls off, 2) heckle the UCI pukes, except the ones I know like Craig E and Courtenay McF – they’re from WA, they cool – and 3) do something on a singlespeed, with or without clothing.

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