Why is it that I only find out about my friends being in magazines because Sally posts photos of his bathroom reading material? Do. Not. Want.

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never heard of Freehub Magazine, because they obviously have excellent taste. Check out Greg making someone a sweet new Donkelope.

The World’s Greatest

Now that we’re finally on the other side of the holiday madness, it is time to talk about how rad we are. Cue The World’s Greatest by R. Kelly on your preferred music player if you want a proper soundtrack to the rest of this half-assed, epically procrastinated post.

A couple of weeks ago formally marked the end of our season. There was a bit of drinking, some cross riding, dudes in bikinis, some more drinking, and an enormous fucking cowbell.

That Friday marked the fifth? sixth? annual Xmas Sweater Pubcrawl in Ballard. I’m not sure if we’re all getting old but it was surprisingly chill this year. No one even had to be physically carried out of a bar. Weird.

I broke the snowflake on the left because I'm a jerk.

I’m assuming that this year’s edition was particularly calm because our fearless leader wasn’t in attendance for the first time in a few years.

We really should’ve taken more advantage of the evening since Colin moved the annual Urban Coyote ride to 11am on Saturday. Still a little bleary eyed a few of us made our way over to Brouwer’s for the urban ‘cross poker drinking ride. To be honest, I don’t even know who won. It probably should’ve been Brian for shotgunning a 24 oz Kirin Malt Liquor, but it was probably Nat because he cheats. There’s a little write-up over here. We rode some bikes and had some drinks on an unseasonably sunny day. It was rad.

At the beginning of this past ‘cross season Hodala made a bet with the guys over at Stanley and Alki Rubicon about who would “win” single speed ‘cross this year. Predictably, we crushed them and won this.

This thing is a bitch to ring but it is crazy loud.

The bet entailed the loser washing the winner’s bikes while wearing bikinis and the 2nd place riders serving us beers. Schooner Exact was kind enough to host yet another of our dumb events and we took over the tasting room, the patio, and half of the parking lot to throw a party celebrating how awesome we are.

Identities hidden to protect the children of these folks from unneeded humiliation.

A little more water than necessary might’ve ended up directly in our bottom brackets and headsets, but Stanley did a pretty amazing job, so we tipped ’em.

We also set up a pixie bike course that involved some astroturf, stairs, and a little bit of extra course tape.

Which led to this:

I’m fairly sure that we ended up having a Finals and I think that PonyBoy was in it, but I don’t have any idea who won this either. All of us, I guess. Craig’s got videos of the bike wash and races over on his blog – Scatman.

Soft Like Kitten – I’m calling you out. Put your shame on the line for 2012 and join in the competition. Not that it’ll matter. I look forward to a long line of HODALA 2012, 2013, 2014, etc. being stamped into this thing and the inevitable day when one of us breaks our teeth out trying to drink from it.