Do you like to party-party? Yes, we like to party-party.

I thought I’d go ahead and post a couple of videos that were taken while we were in SF, before the whole “Raphy-blah-blah” thing happened (yes, I said “Raphy,” no that was not a typo).

Before you party, you have to pre-party. It’s like stretching before you run, or drinking a beer before you ride up a hill. Without the pre-party, your actual partying will never reach the high level of performance that people expect from you. We here at Hodala take our partying seriously, and so I present you with a video of a couple of our members pre-partying:




Of course, after the pre-party, comes the party, and no party is complete without someone telling you that you’re ruining their good time. Ruining things is something that Hodala also excels at, just ask this dude at second 45 of the below video, or really anyone who has ever come into contact with us:




Keep partying.